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About Us

Our modern lifestyles & environments have a major impact on the lives of our animal companions. Today we are seeing more animals suffer from the same illnesses as humans.

Animals, like humans, are complex bio-chemical-electrical beings; like humans, they are under a continually increasing amount of stress.

4 Animals is focused on optimum well-being for our Animals Companions - making a difference to the quality of their lives.

4 Animals was founded & developed by Diane Carruthers; driven by her passion to ensure our animal friends have the highest quality health care services available – the same as humans!!!. Building on a wealth of knowledge & experience in animal care and healing (both animals & humans), 4 Animals offers professional therapeutic massage services for dogs & cats with different needs and physical condition.

Diane is a certified animal massage therapist, graduated from the Animal Massage School, Toledo, USA; a shiatsu practitioner, graduated from Guijek Institut Québécois pour la santé intégrale and a Reiki Master, graduated from Angel Attunements, UK. Diane is a member of the Fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes as well as the International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing.

Delivered with dedication, care & compassion, 4 Animals Therapeutic Massage services provide HEALING, HAPPINESS and a HOLISTIC approach to animal HEALTH care.

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