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Animal Massage

For hundreds of years, perhaps as long as people have given and received therapeutic massage ourselves, massage techniques have been applied to our animal companions as well. Throughout history, massage was used routinely on animals as part of conditioning programs, to aid and hasten recovery from injury, to provide relief from soreness and pain and to calm and relax the animals that lived and worked alongside humankind.

Massage is the skillful and deliberate application of touch for the purpose of maintaining or improving the recipient's physical and emotional well-being.
4 Animals uses a combination of techniques, including Shiatsu*, Swedish and Reiki.



Many vets and respected research scientists believe massage can assist the body in the healing process.  Check out the various benefits of massage by clicking this link. Benefits.  Our clients include dogs and cats from a wide range of backgrounds, physical conditions, age and temperament.


If your dog or cat is limping or injured or if you suspect any sort of health problem, please contact your vet immediately. If you would like your animal to receive the benefits of pre and post-surgery massage or want massage to play a part in rehabilitation from injury, please consult your vet first. It may be necessary for us to speak with your vet to determine the best way to incorporate massage into the healing process.

* Shiatsu means "finger pressure" in Japanese. Practiced for centuries in Japan as a means of treating chronic pains and ailments, Shiatsu also promotes relaxation and overall well-being. By applying rhythmic pressure using fingers and hands, on specific points of the body's meridians for three to ten seconds at a time, Shiatsu massage alleviates any blockages within the body and promote the natural flow of energy.