Massage 4 Animals


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some responses to frequently asked questions regarding animal massage:


Is massage just petting?

Petting is great for your animal.  However Massage is more than Petting!  Massage, is a deliberate and focused technique of touching.  It is the manipulation of muscles and skin to promote well-being in our animal companion on both a physical and emotional level.


Where do 4 Animals offer their services?

4 Animals offers therapeutic animal massage in the comfort of your own home or the living area of your animal.  Your animal is most relaxed in a familiar environment and will benefit more from the massage.  There should be no distractions in this area, including other animals.  In addition, your animal should not be fed at least one hour before the massage is to take place.

How long does a massage last?

The duration of a massage depends on the animal's acceptance and condition. The first session is typically an introduction meeting to become more familiar your animal; learn about their history, build trust and an acceptance of being touched.  The first session will last around one hour, the massage itself will last 15-20 minutes depending upon the animal.   Some animals accept a full 60 minute full body massage straight away. We work with the specific needs of each animal and they are quick to point out what they like and don`t like!


How often should my animal be massaged?

Therapeutic Massage can be given everyday for 10-30 minutes for healthy animals. If a disease or injury is involved massaging in different areas of the body every other day is recommended, however the needs of each animal varies. 

We recommend a weekly massage as part of a well-balanced maintenance plan for your animal companion.  After six regular treatments, you will see a difference in your animal!


What are the signs that animals are enjoying the massage?

Behaviour such as closing the eyes yawning and falling asleep are positive indications that your animal is enjoying massage.



What Massage Isn't


If your dog or cat is limping or injured or if you suspect any sort of health problem, please contact your vet immediately. If you would like your animal to receive the benefits of pre and post-surgery massage or want massage to play a part in rehabilitation from injury, please consult your vet first. It may be necessary for us to speak with your vet to determine the best way to incorporate massage into the healing process.