Massage 4 Animals


Animal Benefiting from Massage

Our clients include dogs and cats from a wide range of backgrounds, physical conditions, age and temperament.  Below are just a few different categories below (no order of priority):

Working dogs
Guide dogs, service dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug, explosive and arson detection dogs, sled dogs and other dogs who, working with their owners, provide invaluable assistance to humans can all benefit from regular massage. Walking long hours on concrete, leaning into a harness, clambering over strewn rubble, jumping up to retrieve or deposit objects on counters and shelves, and working their way through crowded baggage terminals can lead to chronic tension.

Dogs participating in performance events
Canine athletes competing in agility, fly-ball, obedience, field trials and other such activities need to be kept in peak condition. Regular massage can increase a dog's range of motion, lengthen its stride and improve over-all muscle tone. Massage incorporated as part of the dog's training regime will also reduce the risk of injuries.

Older Animals
Dogs and cats in their golden years can benefit from massage in many ways. It can reduce the pain and tension resulting from arthritis and other joint and bone conditions common in aging dogs. Massage is also good for dogs and that have decreased activity levels, keeping muscles toned and slowing deterioration of joints.

Growing Dogs and Cats
Massage can alleviate the discomfort often caused by rapid growth of bones and muscles. It can also calm and focus the excitable, active adolescent. Massage can reduce the risk of injury that frequently results from rowdy play, jumping, rolling, wrestling and generally being an adventurous, energetic young dog or cat.

Shy or recently adopted dogs and cats
Massage can reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by animals adjusting to new homes. It can also help shy or mistrustful dogs or cats learn to accept human touch and build their confidence.

Animals recovering from injury or undergoing post-surgery rehabilitation
Massage administered in cooperation with your animal’s veterinarian can reduce recovery time, prevent problems caused by muscle atrophy and adhesion and ease the transition back to normal levels of activity.