Massage 4 Animals



Below are links to various web sites offering a wide range of information related to health promotion, care and protection for animals. In addition, we have included links to various alliances, associations and foundations that support the welfare of animals in Quebec and throughout Canada.


Animal Alliance of Canada,

Clan du Loup, Protection of wolves in Quebec

Fauna Foundation, Protect & promote Quebec's native flora and fauna.  

Global Action Network, Dedicated to fostering environmental awareness and action

No Puppy Mills Canada, Trying to stop dog & pet overpopulation in Canada.

Seeing Dogs/Guide Dogs,

Animal Therapy/Zootherapy

Ecole Internationale de Zoothérapie, (514) 485-9480

HABAC Human Animal Bond Association of Canada,

Therapeutic Paws of Canada,

Zoothérapie Québec,

Children and Dogs

Dental Care

Holistic Health Care

Animal Alternative Medicine and Massage Therapy

Insurance for Pets

Pet Plan

Pet Care


Dogs in Canada Magazine,

The Modern Dog, the Canadian dog lifestyle magazine:

The Whole Dog Journal, a monthly guide to natural dog training and care.

Pet Loss & Bereavement

Traveling with Pets

To find specific animal health care services in Montreal and the surrounding area, please check out Montreal Animal Network. This section is dedicated to promoting local services and products from Quebec, Canada.