Massage 4 Animals



There is a wide range of information on animal care, protection and welfare available in the following sections below.   You will find suggestions on useful books,  links to many different web sites offering a wealth of information and a list of various services available to you in Montreal.  Enjoy!   If you have any suggestions for additional material to add to this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Books are a great way to gain knowledge about animals. In this section of the web site are just a few of the interesting books on the market.



This section offers links to various web sites offering a wide range of information related to health promotion, care and protection for animals. In addition, we have included links to various alliances, associations and foundations that support the welfare of animals in Quebec and throughout Canada.


Montreal Animal Network

The Montreal Animal Network has been created to connect you specifically with the various services available for your animals in Montreal & the surrounding area. We have also included adoption services in this section as well as dog parks.