Massage 4 Animals



testimonial massage for animals

Age: 2 year old Female
Bernese Mountain Dog
Reason for massage: Aid stiffness in joints

"I would never have believed it had I not seen it with my very own eyes. Diane must have magic fingers...for no sooner than she begins massaging, my (Bernese Mountain) dog is almost fast asleep. And when she awakens, not only does ElleMae's joint stiffness disappear, there's this emotional calmness that follows. Combined with her love for animals, Diane truly has a healing touch with animals".

Lydia St-Denis
Breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs

Age: 4 year old, Male
Himalayan Cat
Reason for Massage: Post-operation healing

I am continually astounded by the way Diane works with my Himalayan cat, Sunny. He is a timid cat who runs away from everyone except Diane. When she massages him, it’s clear to me that there is a healing taking place that goes far beyond the physical touch. Recently, Sunny underwent an operation for a corneal sequestrum in his eye and was throwing up for several days. Following just one massage, Sunny was calm, stopped throwing up and is now recovering comfortably. Diane’s touch is very caring and soothing, and was a vital component of Sunny’s overall healing. Diane’s way of connecting and communicating with animals is powerful and unique and must be experienced!

Alyssa Kuzmarov
Social worker

Age: 5 year old Female Beagle
Reason for Massage: Provide relief from knee and back pain

"My five year old Beagle, Maggie, suffers from knee and back conditions which disable her from free and comfortable movement. Therapeutic massage has helped her joints and muscles to relax while helping to increase blood circulation, thus helping to relieve some of the discomfort that she feels. It is always obvious to me from Maggie's reaction every time she sees Ms Carruthers that she looks forward to and even expects to feel her healing touch. It truly is a rewarding experience to see one's pet enjoy something that is so good for them. I highly recommend it!"

Diana S. Bokhari
Animal Business Owner

Age: 2 year old Male
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Reason for Massage: Post-competition massage

Hello, my name is Devin and I am a busy Welsh Springer Spaniel. By busy, I mean my mom and I do a lot of stuff together, like Flyball, Frisbee, Agility, and Skijoring, to name a few.  This summer we even went to the agility regionals in Rimouski, Quebec.  We had a long drive there, 4 days away from home and spent lots of time running courses and hanging out with our friends. I had a great time but I must admit that I was a little tired by the time we got home.  Boy was I glad to see my bed! But even better than my bed was the fact that my mom was on vacation and we’d get to spend lots of time doing things together.  The very next day she took me to see Diane.  I didn’t know who Diane was at first but I thought she was cool right from the start. She had this great big quilt with her and she brought me treats and pet me in a very different way than other people do.  I felt really relaxed and it was as if I’d never been away from home, or had a long car ride, or did agility over the week-end. It was so good that I think I fell asleep while she was there…I really hope I get to go see Diane again soon!

Nelly Benabou
Registered Veterinarian Technician

Age: 3 year old Female
X Labrador and Rottweiler
Reason for Massage: Help with anxiety and nervousness

Snälla used to be nervous around new people and anxious. Massage has helped her relax and develop confidence in being touched. During the first session she was slightly reluctant at being massaged. However, by the third session she was much more receptive and was clearly enjoying the massage. Since starting the massage sessions, she is much less anxious and a calmer dog.

Marie-Andree Duplaix

Age: 3 year old Female
Bassett Hound
Reason for Massage: Joy of touch.

Lilou is a fit, happy and very sociable Bassett Hound. She is a role model for animal massage – she just loves it. She lies down and enjoys the therapeutic healing of touch.

Marie-Andree Duplaix

Age: 13 year old Male
X German Sheppard and Chow Chow
Massage: Relieves pain from hip dysplasia

Chase has suffered from hip dysplasia for several years now. Since starting the massage sessions I have seen an improvement in Chase’s mobility, he is less stiff than before and is able to go walks without suffering for days afterwards. Although I was skeptical about massage, it certainly has helped Chase and given him a new lease of life during his senior years.

Marc Sauriol
Electrical Engineer


Hi, I’m Owen and I’m a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My favorite thing in the world is to go lure coursing. That’s when your mom or dad brings you to this big field where there’s lots of other dogs and everyone gets excited ‘cause we know we’ll get to run after this white thing that zigzags all over the place while we try to catch it…it’s hard, but sometimes we do and that’s the most fun ever! I heard my mom say it’s only a plastic bag, but I’ve never seen any plastic bag around our house move so fast…anyway, what I really wanted to tell you about is the day Diane came to visit. It was the day after a big lure coursing trial and I was sore all over! She was really nice, said hello to me right away and fed me treats and scratched behind my ears…(She even told me I was handsome!) Then she gave me this awesome massage. I lied down and before I knew it, fell asleep. When I woke up I felt like a whole new hound. I could’ve run circles around that plastic bag after Diane was done, but I was very comfortable and decided to spend the day at home with my mom. Maybe if I’m a very good boy, she’ll ask Diane to come over every day!

Veterinarian Technician