Massage 4 Animals




4 animals offers a variety of hands-on animal massage workshops for you to learn and practice massage techniques on your animal companion. It is a great way to connect with your animal!

Animal Massage 101
Duration: 2hrs
This workshop offers a great introduction to animal massage, covering basic massage techniques which you can easily incorporate into your daily routine with your animal.

Massage for Older Dogs
Duration: 2hrs
This workshop is specifically focused on massage techniques for older dogs.

Stretches for Animals
Duration: 2hrs
This workshop is a continuation of Animal Massage 101 workshop, incorporating different stretches to help with your animal’s flexibility and range of motion.

Acupressure For Animals
Duration: 2hrs
This workshop provides a great introduction to acupressure for animals, covering key acupressure points and meridians lines.

Shiatsu For Animals
Duration: 2hrs
Pre-requisite: acupressure for animals. This workshop covers specific Shiatsu massage techniques which can be applied to our animals.

Reiki for Animals
Duration: 2.5hrs
Learn how to give Reiki to your animals.  This workshop focuses on some of the essential techniques for healing our animals through Reiki. 


Workshops are held on a regular basis.